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Since 1996, Radio Marinara has been Melbourne's own Marine & Coastal News and Views.

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Latest News: We will be off air from December 14th 2009 until Feb 14th 2010. Look forward to hearing you in 2010 starting with our show all about Marine Lerv....

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Radio Marinara is a show dedicated to all things wet and salty. Your hosts will take you on an adventure each week to explore all the marine and coastal news and views from Port Phillip Bay, along the Victorian coast and around the world. Everything from science to surfing, diving to dumpling squids and all that's in between.

Each week, we bring an array of guests, from international media megastars like David Bellamy and David Suzuki through to local experts and our very own Dive reporter - fresh out of the water.

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Anthony Boxshall is a Host and Producer who has a PhD in Marine Ecology and loves all things invertebrate
Bron Burton is a Host and Producer who loves all things invertebrate and has a PhD in Marine Ecology
David Speller is a Host who is a Veteran of the show with a background in Marine biology
Cathy Crick is the panel Godess, with the flying fingers that manage the multiple voices of the team and callers.

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